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If you’re looking for inspiration and some good practical advice to live the best that you can every day, even if you have physical health challenges, then you’ve come to the right place.

You can expect to find fresh information in various formats. You can read interesting blog posts, listen to our audio show episodes, or every now and then we’ll post a video for you watch. Choose whatever works best for you and whenever it suits your schedule and ability.

We zero in on topics related to health, wellbeing, and finance because these are the big enchiladas of life. Making improvements in these areas will transform your current life experience. Join us and explore how you can live well today.


Living Well Today Health

Health is an important resource simply because our body is the vehicle that allows us to drive forward in life. If you already have a physical health condition then you will find our conversations and articles helpful. We cover topics relevant to general health, but we do so in a manner that is helpful for people who have existing physical conditions.

We know it is possible to live well when unwell and we aim to bring you conversations that will assist you to discover how to live your best today, despite health challenges. Topics will include some of the following:
food – activity – sleep – medical – aids/devices – alternative medicine – adaptive home design – entertainment – travel – creative healing – art – music, and most importantly we talk about our state of mind and thinking creates aspects of our life.



Living Well Today Wellbeing

Wellbeing is where our internal wisdom resides. It’s there, but it gets lost from time to time. The most important relationship in our life is the one we have with ourselves. It sustains our foundation of resilience and personal strength. When health changes, we often experience this from an outside living perspective and it’s easy to become destabilized as a result. However, our inner being, that part of us that holds our essence is there waiting to flourish and transform. Wellness is multidirectional, and here, at Living Well Today, we cast a wide net to find the nuggets that can nourish inner growth and allow our wellbeing to bubble up.

Topics relevant to supporting wellbeing will include some of the following:
meditation, state of mind, self-acceptance, strengthening relationships, pain management, attitude, grace, hope, legacy, charity, compassion, kindness, grief, inner peace, understanding and more.



Living Well Today Finance

Finances affect your ability to support your daily life and plan for your future. When health concerns come to the forefront it can feel as though you’ve become sandwiched. On the top level, your ability to earn an income will be affected. In most instances, it will be reduced and be reflective of your level of physical ability. Being reliant on a government fixed income may become your new financial normal. That, in of itself, requires a mindset adjustment.

On the bottom level of the health sandwich, you may need to pay for medical products and for care supports. This is costly and definitely, stress-inducing. Of course, there will be vast differences depending on where in the world you live and the level of health coverage you have. Even if you do have good coverage (yeah Canada) your earning ability will still impact how you take care of yourself moving forward.

Learning how to live well with health challenges is not complete without addressing financial realities. We speak of finances in a way that puts the spotlight on managing the business of life. There are many nuances to life planning. Being informed and finding ways to be creative is necessary to effectively juggle the dollar and cents of adjusting to health changes. We’ll cover topics to help you improve or better manage your financial health. Topics will include some of the following:
budgeting – negotiating services – managing care supports – buying accessible aids/product – earning online income – funding campaign guidance – scam alerts – health info tools – power-of-care – preparing after death wishes and more.