LWT 009: Jacquie Forde – Beauty Of Being Human

Jacquie Forde Beauty of Being Human
Written by Susan

It is an honour to have Jacquie Forde, all the way from Scotland, as a guest on this episode of Living Well Today. Ours, was a conversation of the heart, in the truest sense.

When I first came across Jacquie’s website, her initial statement immediately caught my interest. She states, “Our lives are meant to be lived with joy, clarity, and love, yet as human beings, we often get caught up in worry, anxiety, and stress due to the busyness of our lives which can have a terrible impact on our health, relationships and our personal lives.”

This statement rang true for me personally, and for the many clients, I work with who experience significant health changes and challenges.

I love the way Jacquie talks (with her lovely Scottish accent), about our humanness. It reminds me that, although we are all unique as individuals, we are also alike as human beings. I find comfort in that reminder.

We all experience love, pain, joy, grief, sickness, health, and more. It’s all a part of the beauty of being human. All too often, we value our good experiences more than those that feel uncomfortable. We compare and then judge ourselves and our experiences.

We manufacture meaning and build a story around our circumstances, we do this – with the power of our thoughts.

It occurs to me if we did not compare and judge then we’d simply be left with neutral experiences. Illness, disability, pain, would be neither good nor bad, but rather, simply a part of being human.

Jacquie Forde has spent a good deal of time working in the health-care field in different professional capacities. She is a trained nurse, midwife, and has also worked within the pharmaceutical industry.

The long and short of it, Jacquie continues to successfully help people who find themselves in deep states of suffering.

She admits to being a longtime seeker in search of ending her own feelings of angst. As a result, she trained in various self-help modalities, such as hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and morphed into private coaching work.

What’s even more intriguing, is that Jacquie is a professionally trained Three Principles Facilitator.

In fact, all of her work now, including her non-profit wellbeing consultancy, is guided by this psycho-spiritual paradigm known as The Three Principles.

The Three Principles

*A side note – I have personally been studying the 3P’s for a few years now, and I must say, I have been profoundly impacted by this understanding. Jacquie briefly outlines that the three principles, as first articled by Sydney Banks, who was not an academic but rather an ordinary man, are an understanding of how life works. Best described as a behind the scenes, if you will, of being human.

Jacquie puts it best, by saying, since she discovered the principles, she considers herself a human being who is having an extraordinary experience of life. When I listen to Jacquie, it’s as if I can feel the essence of her spirit.

We Are Okay

During our conversation, we talked about the heaviness of pain and dealing with physical health changes.

Jacquie states that in the present moment – we are okay.

It’s when we think about the past – how life used to be before illness, or, worry about the future – by imagining how life will be if it worsens, that our discomfort ramps up. Our feelings align with our thinking.

“Pain, like every feeling, has ebbs and flows, there is a cycle to it, but it’s easy to become gripped by it and think it’s always going to be this way.”

Jacquie talks about the importance of connecting to our inner wisdom, our soulful source, or essence.

Given that we have some 60-70 thousand thoughts a day, we have an opportunity to pay attention to the ones that make sense.

Pain is a signal, it alerts us to focus on what we need to bring about more ease and comfort.

Life Teaches Us Lessons To Wake Up

Finding ways to relax is the best way to help a pain cycle settle down and move along.

Life, says Jacquie, teaches us lessons to wake us up, to make us more conscious, to help us evolve and become more spiritual.

We concluded our chat agreeing that – to be alive is a gift. And, I must say, having this conversation with Jacquie was certainly a gift. My suggestion to you is to grab a cuppa of something, settle in and have a listen.

Side Note

*Another side note – Every now and then I meet someone who I discover is not a stranger, but rather, a friend of the heart I had yet to meet. I found it delightful to learn that Jacquie refers to her husband, Jerry as, Mr. Lovely. And, of course, it stands to reason that she would be, Mrs. Lovely.

Jacquie Forde Jeremy Forde

Jacquie Forde

If you want to learn more about all the wonderful things Jacquie Forde is up to, or to connect with her, you can find her online.




Here is a bit from Jacquie’s fabulous bio.


Jacquie Forde is a Wellbeing Consultant who provides individual and organizational coaching, consulting, mentoring, keynote speaking and training through the non-profit she founded called The Wellbeing Alliance.
Jacquie is also a Woman’s Leadership Coach and can be contacted through her website at

For the past 7 years, Jacquie’s work has been based solely on sharing the Three Principles of spiritual and psychological functioning, as discovered by Sidney Banks. It is with deep gratitude that Jacquie shares this understanding, as it holds the power to help others heal and find wisdom and health. Jacquie helps many people struggling with depression, eating disorders, grief, anxiety, trauma, relationship challenges, and behavioral concerns.

Jacquie holds profession qualification in Nursing, Midwifery, NLP Master Trainer, Hypnotherapy, and is a professionally qualified Three Principles Facilitator.

To learn more about the Three Principles check out this video .

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