LWT 008: Kari Lynn Hewett – Bald Is Not Boring

Kari Lynn Hewett
Written by Susan

In this episode, we talk with vocalist, artist, and all around creative thinker, Kari Lynn Hewett.

Kari Lynn resides in Ontario, Canada and is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Like most life experiences for Kari Lynn, this too is an opportunity to explore and express herself artistically.

On her website, Kari Lynn states, “Music and art, to me, have always been natural and necessary to a deeper exploration of the human experience.”

I first came to know Kari Lynn as a talented singer-songwriter. She has a lovely jazz infused voice and sings accompanied by a pianist, who happens to be her husband, Roger. There is no shortage of talent in their household!

A cancer diagnosis in the spring of 2017 led to a treatment plan and a round of chemotherapy. This meant, as is often the case, a loss of hair for Kari Lynn.

Less Is More

Karri Lynn Hewett did not interpret her lack of hair as a loss. Instead, to her way of thinking her baldness presented her with a unique canvas. One which beckoned a whimsical artistic expression.

As a new friend to her Facebook page, I was delighted with the light-hearted scenes that came to life on top of her head. Kari Lynn described her creations as, “Stuff On My Head”. Her photos are fun. So much so, that I almost want to shave my head!

Bald Is Not Boring

It didn’t take long for her magical photos to be shared widely, and as a result, more and more people began to follow her journey. She created a “bald-positive” Facebook community group page. It is evident, through FB comments posted, that people feel encouraged and inspired by what she is producing artistically. Living up her to claims – that being bald is not boring, Kari Lynn caught the attention of a local magazine (Windsor Life Magazine) and the cancer society. This summer she also participated as a speaker at the 2017 CIBC Run For The Cure in Windsor.

Kari Lynn Hewett

According to Kari Lynn, “losing your hair does not mean losing your identity” and clearly, she is living proof. In our conversation, she shares her thoughts on this life experience.

Stuff On My Head


Kari Lynn Hewett


Check out the Stuff On My Head video produced by herself and her talented musical husband, Roger Hewett.


This is by far one the coolest videos – it is a MUST watch where talent and humour come together.
Note – There is a bit of extra setup footage before the song but it is worth checking out.
This video was taken during a performance at The Bank Theatre And Meeting Place in Leamington, and yes, that is our co-producer Jan Hall, of Folk Roots Radio MCing on stage.


Magazine article:

Kari Lynn Hewett

Windsor Life Magazine

The video below is a sample of Kari Lynn and Roger’s musical performance.
Produced by Quantum Sound Productions in Kingsville, Ontario.

Kari Lynn & Roger Hewett at the Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions from Sun Parlour Sessions on Vimeo.

To learn more about Kari Lynn you can find her online at:


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