LWT 005: Dr. Will Cole – Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine with Dr. Will Cole
Written by Susan

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Will Cole about his work as a Functional Medicine Practitioner.

When traditional medical treatments fail to provide results what can people do to unravel the puzzle of their physical health concerns? Let’s face it, having a deep knowledge base of science about the physical body is beyond most of us. Typically, when a significant health issue impacts life negatively, people look for relief from traditional medical providers.

It starts by seeking advice and treatment options from their existing medical professionals. However, in some instances, this can only go so far. Which is why functional medicine finds its way on people’s radar.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Will Cole, of Cole Natural Health Centers, offers functional medicine services in the Pittsburgh area. As a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner, DR. Cole integrates a wide range of science and other supports in a practical manner. Every person is different so he takes the time needed to dig into the entire puzzle of his clients’ symptoms. From diagnosis to treatment, to follow-up, Dr. Cole takes all lifestyle factors into account.

His goal is to truly help clients rebalance, replenish and restore their health.

Science, nutrition, chiropractic and other alternative methods are explored and a treatment plan is unfolded for each individual clients.

Dr. Cole meets with clients in person, or if that is not possible, via Skype. He typically talks with people who are struggling with inflammatory based problems. This may include chronic illness such as diabetes, heart – hypertension, allergies, autism, thyroid issues, autoimmune, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and more.

In our conversation, Dr. Cole discusses the importance of finding the root cause of people’s health issues and outlines the 5 basic principles of functional medicine.

1. treat individual not the disease
2. science based – relationships between functions
3. body has capacity to self-regulate – balance
4. capacity to heal – preventative
5. not absence of disease – is state of vitality

If you are frustrated with ongoing physical symptoms that are impacting your life then be sure and check out the many resources available on Dr. Cole’s website. I highly recommend his videos as well.

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