LWT 002: Karin Sieger – Rediscovering Creativity

Karin Sieger
Written by Susan

Karin Sieger is a psychotherapist from the UK who happens to live on a boat!
She is a terrific writer and also a cancer survivor.
Karin describes her work and writing as “jargon-free and from the heart”. She frequently draws on personal experiences including her own treatment for cancer, an experience she regards as a key transformation in her life. In this interview, Karin talks about her journey through cancer and the unfolding of creativity that came about as a result.

If you enjoy reading insightful and thought-provoking articles then you will love her blog.

The belief that we all have an intuitive wisdom for emotional healing is central to this interview.

Learn more or connect with Karin:

Blog –
Website –
Twitter – @KarinSieger


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